Did you catch Garde Robe in “And Just Like That… The Documentary” on HBO Max? We and our partners at UOVO had a blast working with costume designer Molly Rogers when she came to see iconic pieces worn by Sarah Jessica Parker in the original Sex and the City.

Garde Robe is the most trusted fashion storage provider for everything from archival couture to the perfect pair of Manolo Blahniks.

As Seen In Vogue- Michelle Ruiz

The first, much-analyzed season of And Just Like That… came to an end on Thursday and I instantly felt pop culture had lost out. Despite its clumsiness, the HBO Max sequel to Sex and the City completely engrossed me, for better or worse, all but dominating my conversations, my work, my podcast listening, etc. Blessedly, though, with the drop of the first season finale (I say “first” because showrunner Michael Patrick King says he and Sarah Jessica Parker are plotting a second) came the gift of an hour-and-fifteen more minutes of bonus content in the form of And Just Like That… The Documentary, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of season one. The documentary is all-encompassing, covering the Samantha/Kim Cattrall of it all, the inclusion of new characters and cast members, the loss of Willie Garson (who played the best Sex and the City supporting character ever, Stanford Blatch), and, of course, the show’s towering fashion legacy. After (obviously) consuming it at 6:30 a.m., here’s what I learned from And Just Like That… The Documentary.

  1. Sarah Jessica Parker stores “archives” of Carrie’s closet at Garde Robe, a “first-class,” climate-controlled New York luxury fashion storage space. Actually, I knew this, but seeing costume designer Molly Rogers venture into said storage unit (where “no human hand has touched anything,” Rogers quips) and pull Carrie’s opening-credits tutu was still a sight to behold. Honorable mention to the shoe label that read “fragile and iconic.”
  2. SJP has also saved and stored clutch pieces of Carrie’s apartment furniture, including her frequent writing/pondering chaise.

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