5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Wardrobe Storage

Just like a bottle of wine should be stored in certain light and temperature conditions (or it will turn to vinegar over time), textiles also need to be kept in climate-controlled environments. Insects, dust, and moisture can spell trouble for fabrics and cause permanent damage to your wardrobe. Here are a few reasons why you should consider wardrobe storage with Garde Robe:

1) You have an impeccable wardrobe collection of one-of-a-kind and/or delicate garments such as evening wear, vintage and couture pieces that are worn only on special occasions or being “saved” for family members to wear in the future

Couture wardrobes have significant worth and increase in value if properly preserved, but many collectors unknowingly put these assets in peril and end up with irreparable fabric damage caused by insects, the sun and/or climate in their home or storage unit. Savvy collectors entrust their most precious, delicate and sentimental garments to Garde Robe.

2)   You are a business traveler, globetrotter, pied-à-terre owner or own multiple homes

Storing your travel wardrobe, toiletries, personal items and even sports equipment will avoid the hassles of packing, unpacking wrinkled clothing, lugging heavy suitcases, waiting in overcrowded baggage claim and Customs lines. While others deal with their luggage, your wardrobe is being hand delivered to your hotel room or residence in ready-to-wear condition. Upon request, Garde Robe will professionally pack and ship your belongings to any location worldwide so they arrive at your destination before you do.

3)   You are a condo owner with an extensive wardrobe and limited closet space

Garde Robe’s seasonal wardrobe service allows members to transition their closet from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer and vice-versa. Garde Robe will deliver desired garments in ready-to-wear condition and pick up off-season items, which frees up closet space year-round and ensures your off-season wardrobe will be in pristine condition, not shoved to the back of the closet.

4)   You have a large closet but not the ideal conditions to store garments

Your wardrobe’s worst enemies are changes in temperature, sunlight, moisture and material-damaging insects such as clothes moths. You should never store your wardrobe in basements, attics or closets where the temperature and humidity levels are inconsistent, closed closets in your second or infrequently visited home, closets that have an outside wall (these closets tend to have higher relative humidity) or near a window with sunlight. Garde Robe is the premier museum-quality wardrobe storage and preservation service since 2001. Garde Robe’s temperature-controlled, air-purified storage lofts provide ideal storage conditions for long-term textile preservation and feature material-damaging insect prevention (no clothes moths).

5)   You want to organize and manage your clothing, footwear and accessory collections

Garde Robe pioneered the concept of a Cyber Closet so members could easily view items in Garde Robe’s care and arrange delivery of items as needed. Here are a few ways Garde Robe members utilize their Cyber Closet:
– To view the contents of their home closets or second home closets
– To show their stylist or personal shopper the clothes they have in their closet
– Display inventory and item values for insurance purposes
– An organizational tool for your housekeeper/butler
– Create outfits in seconds using the Virtual Stylist

Photo credit: The Wall Street Journal