6 Spring Cleaning Tips for 2019

As seen in Everpresent– April 2019

Marie Kondo shows families how to sort and fold clothes to save space. But what if you’re a fashionista with lots of outfits, or have a home in the city with no closets?

Garde Robe has you covered. It’s a luxury wardrobe service that blends tech with convenience so clients can look their best and live without clutter.

Our friends at Garde Robe can store your collection in climate-controlled spaces, and sort it all in a digital catalog so every accessory’s just a screen-tap away. They even offer same-day pickup, event-ready delivery, and seasonal wardrobe rotation as needed.

If Goodwill donations and the KonMari™ method are no match for your next-level wardrobe, we highly recommend this NYC-based fashion solution. Click here to learn more!

Photo provided by Everpresent