Stylists, personal shoppers and image consultants all share one common goal; to help your client look his or her best. Garde Robe can help you be more effective and provide more value to your client.

Stylists and Image Consultants – Garde Robe will work with you to create a customized MyCloset with photos of your client’s wardrobe so you can select items to be worn on a special occasion or create outfits remotely. With a few mouse clicks, you can help your client select items to take on vacation or decide which items to keep and which ones to consign after each season.

Personal shoppers will find Garde Robe’s storage and maintenance services invaluable as the company helps free up closet space to accommodate new purchases and keep your client’s existing wardrobe in pristine condition.

Garde Robe maintains relationships with many of the industry’s most talented fashion pros and is delighted to make introductions to Garde Robe members on a case-by-case basis. Garde Robe will gladly compensate all successful referrals with a generous commission.

“As a fashion stylist, Garde Robe is a great resource for me and my clients. The MyCloset app allows me to manage my clients’ wardrobe effortlessly, create looks/outfits for events and label which pieces were worn where and when. Garde Robe introduced me to one of their members, who has become one of my best clients. Working with Garde Robe has been a great experience for me.” – Lisa Von Weise

Garde Robe is an Associate Member of the National Association of Professional Organizers and works in conjunction with professional organizers on closet organizing projects nationwide. Professional organizers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with Garde Robe’s unique closet and wardrobe organization services to learn how we can help you help your client get and stay organized. If you are called upon to organize a client’s overstuffed closets, Garde Robe may be the perfect resource. Garde Robe’s MyCloset is a terrific organizational tool, and Garde Robe’s storage and delivery service will help free up much-needed closet space by removing off-season or infrequently worn clothing, shoes and accessories. Garde Robe also provides consignment and charitable donation services, so we can help your client purge items they no longer want to wear.

Garde Robe offers very generous referral commissions as well as perks for NAPO members’ clients. Please inquire for more details.

“I love working with Garde Robe. They are a smart, quick, inventive company that provided exactly what my client needed. As an organizer, I am very impressed with Garde Robe and recommend them highly.” — Alyssa Younger, Master Plan Organizers

“Garde Robe has been an invaluable service for wardrobe management. My clients lead busy lives, full of travel and events and Garde Robe’s exceptional hands on approach allows me fufill the clients’ needs seamlessly. Their knowledge of fashion and fabric coupled with their resources are impressive and reliable. With Garde Robe, I feel like I have a partner in my clients wardrobe’s well-being.” — Jeanie Englebach, Apartment Jeanie

Garde Robe is proud to be a preferred service provider for insurance companies such as:


  • AIG
  • PURE

Garde Robe works in conjunction with several of the most in-demand and highly regarded interior designers in the industry. If you have been charged with designing and/or constructing a “dream” closet, Garde Robe may be the perfect complement. Garde Robe members enjoy a digital inventory of their wardrobe that is customized according to the new closet’s layout. Your client will always know exactly what they have and where it is located within the closet.

Garde Robe maintains relationships with many of the industry’s most talented closet design firms and is delighted to make introductions to Garde Robe members on a case-by-case basis. Garde Robe will gladly compensate all successful referrals with a generous commission.

Garde Robe members often inquire about elite garment care services and products. Garde Robe works solely with couture-level dry cleaning, repair, alterations, cobbler, cold storage and furrier services. Additionally, Garde Robe works with savvy consultants in the garment care and fashion retail industry.

Garde Robe works in conjunction with premier companies catering exclusively to high-net-worth individuals such as private jets, yachts, concierge services and/or membership clubs. Let’s explore ways to augment your elite-level offerings with a Garde Robe membership. Garde Robe will reciprocate by presenting your company’s offering to its members – a bevy of fashion insiders, celebrities, tastemakers and influencers.

Garde Robe is much more than a storage company. When the time comes to part ways with a garment, Garde Robe facilitates the process by working in conjunction with reputable consignment services or charitable causes that sell clothing to raise funds.

Garde Robe provides its singular wardrobe storage and delivery service for repeat guests of five-star hotels, fractional-ownership residences and destination clubs. Hospitality companies seeking a thoughtful amenity for repeat guests utilize Garde Robe exclusively.

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