Benefits of Archiving/Cataloging for a Fashion Design House

The idea of professionally preserving the legacy of a design house through the use of archival-grade materials that are long lasting and museum-quality is now implemented by many top-tier designers. Many find the idea of damaging their precious collections to poor storage techniques or pests unbearable as an alternative, or that storing large collections in-house takes up costly square footage. The reality is, when stored on-site, many Manhattan design studios cannot provide the correct climate conditions, dedicate personnel to overseeing day-to-day care, and facilitate overall storage requirements that a collection needs to be properly preserved.

Many fashion houses now choose to archive and catalog their collections professionally at off-site locations, like Garde Robe. At Garde Robe, we use archival materials, regulate climate conditions, and use preventative pest measures among other techniques to ensure our members’ precious collections remain in pristine condition. Meanwhile our sophisticated Cyber Closet technology facilitates requesting these items for a design team. Rather than store the items untended in-house, Garde Robe offers complimentary on-demand delivery while constantly attending to the needs of the entire collection.

When inspiration strikes a designer team, they can log into the online Cyber Closet, view photographs and descriptions of previous collections, organized by season/year/line, and within a few clicks, notify Garde Robe of their garment choices, which we deliver to their atelier, a stylist of photo shoot. Thus, Garde Robe offers a convenient method for off-site collections to be accessible as needed.

In the article, Preserve Your Archives, the Council of Fashion Designers of America explores 6 important steps to consider in maintaining a brand’s legacy.

The article illustrates that the CFDA has recognized the need to protect valuable collections and the importance of choosing to invest in the history and future of the brand through archival organization. At Garde Robe we treat all collections with the utmost care in order to keep treasured looks encapsulated until needed to inspire a future collection.

Photo credit: The Wall Street Journal