Caring For Your Closet- Pest Elimination

For those of you who have experienced a moth-infestation, the results can be absolutely devastating, creating irreparable damage to your wardrobe.  The textile-loving species, clothes moths otherwise known as Tineola bisselliella destroy natural fibers such as cashmere, wool and fur causing havoc in your closets and perhaps beyond- carpets, upholstery and furniture.  Our expert garment care team at Garde Robe created the following tips to help you eliminate these clothes-eating pests, should you find yourself with these unwelcome guests.

  • Isolate the garments with evidence of moths/pests immediately. Place them in a sealed bag or box. If they can be dry cleaned, bring them to a dry cleaner and let them know there is insect damage and/or evidence so the dry cleaner can also thoroughly inspect the items. If the garments are too delicate for dry cleaning, you can send them to a company who will freeze them instead. This is a lengthier, more delicate process. Some materials will respond better to freezing than dry cleaning, and vice versa.
  • Remove and isolate other possibly affected garments from the surrounding area where pests were discovered, and consider sending these to dry cleaning/freezing as well. At the very least, you will want to thoroughly inspect these items.
    • Consider isolating these garments in a sealed box or bag for 3 months and monitor for signs of activity. This will be a little longer than the typical lifecycle of protein fiber-eating pests.
  • Vacuum your closet thoroughly and the entire house or apartment!
  • Wash down floors, ceilings, drawers, and all surfaces of the infested areas with an antibacterial product.
  • Call a pest control expert to further eliminate pests from the area and provide a thorough inspection.
  • Use a mix of pheromone and non-pheromone traps to help monitor your success at controlling the issue. Use a mix of pheromone traps for webbing and casemaking clothes moths. These will not eliminate the pests themselves, but will help you to check on your progress at elimination. Place the traps in a mix of high and low places within your closet and throughout your home.

Couture wardrobes have significant worth and increase in value if properly preserved.  Please reach out to our  garment-care experts at Garde Robe with any questions regarding how to properly care for your precious wardrobe.