Caring For Your Spring Wardrobe-Handbags

Spring is officially here and what better time to show our favorite handbags a little care and love.

Working with the best garment care providers around the world, Garde Robe ensures that our members receive the  best level of care for their precious wardrobes to ensure they are always delivered in ready-to-wear condition.  Serving New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, Garde Robe works closely with Hallak Cleaners, a family-owned and operated couture dry cleaner providing a comprehensive list of services including couture, casual, wedding, leather, suede and interior furnishings.

Whether your handbags are Burberry, Chanel, Christian Dior, Coach, Gucci, Hermes, Longchamp, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo, Tods and Yves St. Laurent, fabric or leather, Hallak Cleaners carefully inspects, hand-cleans and refinishes each piece to ensure that bags are restored to their original beauty.

Caring for Fabric Handbags and Purses:

Hallak Cleaners hand-cleans all fabric accessories.   When handling these precious fabrics, they also apply a stain protectant and care for any leather trims.

Caring for Suede Handbags and Purses:

Hallak’s team evaluates every suede handbag before determining which cleaning process is best suited.  After its professional cleaning, oils and colors are restored.  For best results, they recommend that you clean your suede handbags regularly to run less risk of permanent issues such as discoloration.

Caring for Leather Handbags and Purses:

When cleaning your leather handbag, Hallak’s specialty leather departments pays special attention to those hard to remove stains.  For more stubborn stains, they use expertly mixed colors to camouflage them as repeated cleaning may cause disturbance in the skin’s look and feel.  As a result, they rescue many handbags!  Customers are thankful of the time-consuming master mixing process.

Caring for Crocodile Handbags and Purses:

A luxury, crocodile handbag can easily cost five figures. These special pieces require the very highest level of skill and craftsmanship. Hallak’s has a proven track record of handling the rarest and most valuable designer purses. For the best results, clean handbags routinely.  Allowing a stain to settle can be detrimental and harder (or impossible) to lift.

Learn more tips regarding how to properly care for your handbag here or reach out to Garde Robe directly to learn how to best preserve and maintain your handbag collections.