How to store your clothing so it remains in pristine condition

Luxury home organizers  NEAT Method asked the clothing storage experts at Garde Robe to answer some frequently asked questions on how to keep your clothing in pristine condition.


Garde Robe is the nation’s only service providing museum-quality storage and preservation for couture wardrobes with complimentary on-demand delivery and a Cyber Closet inventory management system designed for organizing extensive wardrobes. Some Garde Robe members store items seasonally; others archive precious, infrequently worn evening wear and haute couture; our members often have multiple residences and are globetrotters, so Garde Robe packs and delivers wardrobes worldwide. Garde Robe catalogs and photographs all stored items so our members can request items for same-day, complimentary delivery or worldwide shipping from their virtual Cyber Closet as if they were shopping online.

Q: What is the ideal way to store sweaters for the summer and protect them from bugs? What is the best way/place to store clothing in the off season to protect from pests and climate?

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