Creative Ways to Maximize Space in a Small House

As seen in Redfin– March 2020

When you have a smaller home, every inch of space counts!  If you’re feeling cramped in your tight quarters, don’t worry, making a small space more livable can be easy.  To help you get started, we asked organizational experts  for the best tricks and tips for maximizing space in a small area.  Check them out and you’ll feel like you’re living large in no time.

#16 ” Be careful when using vacuum-sealed bags. Never use vacuum-sealed bags for delicate textiles like cotton, suede, silk, leather, etc. Only use them for durable fabrics such as denim or ski gear. Natural fabrics need to breathe or else the fabric will be irreversibly damaged. Don’t ruin your clothes in order to save space using a vacuum-sealed storage bag.”– Garde Robe, Doug Greenberg

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