East Coast Couture-Level Dry Cleaners We Love

All dry cleaners are not created equal!

In New York, you can find a dry cleaners on almost every corner, but locating an experienced, knowledgable one with expertise in handling couture wardrobes is another matter. The very best cleaners have resources that allow them to implement cleaning equipment and solvents that your average dry cleaner simply cannot afford. Many couture pieces should never be cleaned by a machine, only hand washed. Your average cleaner doesn’t know what they don’t know, and that is a recipe for fabric damage. In New York, the cleaners Garde Robe works with on a regular basis and highly recommend are:

Meurice – With four locations in New York (Manhattan and Manhasset), Meurice is an environmentally responsible and easily accessible dry cleaner. They have the equipment and five decades of expertise needed to tackle virtually any job – from preserving a wedding gown to removing chocolate from a suede couch. Ask for Wayne.

Hallak – This year, the Hallak family is celebrating their 50th anniversary. They are the Metropolitan area’s leading couture cleaner and offer a large variety of services, including the “Courier Couture”, providing nationwide couture cleaning services. Ask for John Claude.

* Winzer Cleaners – Since 1908 they have specialized in fine dry cleaning in New York City, including dry cleaning of theatrical costumes, mascots, wedding gowns, leather, suede, fur cleaning, rugs, upholstery & draperies. Ask for Bruce.

Jeeves – Located on the Upper East Side, Jeeves uses environmentally friendly cleaning systems and minimizes the use of packaging. They also offer seasonal collection and delivery to Eastern Long Island; including Southampton, Bridgehamton, Sag Harbor, Water Mill and Shinnecock. Ask for Jerry.

* Fabricare Cleaners– With physical locations in Darian, Fairfield and Norwalk and servicing the Greenwich, Stamford and New Canaan markets too, Fabricare Cleaners provides a full-service green/eco-friendly dry cleaning service with home pickup and delivery service. Ask for Mike.

* Embassy Cleaners – Premier Dry Cleaning Service in Westchester (NY), they specialize in dry cleaning, drapery cleaning, carpet  and upholstery cleaning. In addition, they also offer fireproofing and restoration services for smoke and water damage. Ask for Andy.

* By Next– With locations in New York, New Jersey, DC and LA, ByNext provides dry cleaning, laundry services, tailoring/alterations  and home and office cleaning services too.  Ask for Perry.

Madame Paulette -Madame Paulette has been the premier luxury cleaning and restoration service specialist for bridal wear, designer apparel, high-end couture, vintage restoration, tailoring and alterations and specialty services serving the affluent and wealthy communities in the NY Metro area, as well as other markets for over 65 years. Ask for Perry

* Kingbridge Cleaners and Tailors -Located in the heart of Soho, they invested in cleaning processes with the smallest footprints on the planet. They offer a wide range of cleaning and tailoring services, employing up to five different cleaning technologies in their processes. Ask for Richie.

* Bridge Cleaners & Tailors – King Garment Care’s location in Downtown Brooklyn. They share the same ‘Green Philosophy’ and, just like their sister location, offer a large variety of environmentelly friendly services. Ask for Richie.

If you need a cleaner in another part of the country, seek out members of Leading Cleaners Internationale. You can rest assured these garment care companies have vast experience handling couture.