En Garde (Robe), Museum-Quality Clothing and Textile Storage

As seen in WAG Magazine

Garde Robe is a museum-quality storage and protection service for textiles, clothing and accessories celebrating its 20th year in business in New York. (There’s also a 10-year-old facility in Los Angeles).

So you’re a New Yorker with limited closet space who needs to store his off-season wardrobe.  Garde Robe can help with that.  Or perhaps you are Tory Burch, Carolina Herrera, Vera Wang and Jason Wu, and you want to store your archival collection for future reference.  Garde Robe can help with that too.  Or maybe you need to send clothes to one of your multiple homes, as many have done during the pandemic, a hotel, or a ship.  Garde Robe can help with that too.

Or perhaps you’re a beleaguered bride whose wedding was postponed from last year.  Though Garde Robe’s membership allows you to store unlimited pieces, up to 50 per rack with 10 shoeboxes and one breathable accessories box per rack, Greenberg says he began doing one-offs for those brides, who include two of the company’s 20 employees.

The process is relatively straightforward.  You sign up online and speak with Greenberg, who serves as Garde Robe’s vice president of sales and marketing and is based in La Costa, California.  Garde Robe will pick up your items, assess whether they need dry cleaning-the company prefers you do that but will use its own museum-grade cleaners, if you wish-then photograph and catalog the pieces by designer, season, size and color for your Cyber Closet. (Your actual closet is an air-purified, insect -free 20,000 square-foot facility in Long Island City or a similar 5,000 square-foot one in Los Angeles, where much of the business deals with performers and costumes). When it comes for delivery, you’ll one again get same-day, white-glove, complimentary valet service.  (For pieces going out of town, Garde Robe uses a courier service, although that wasn’t good enough for the furs of one client, a Saudi Arabian princess.  Thus a Garde Robe employee got a trip of a lifetime, Greenberg says, an all-expenses-paid weekend in Paris).

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