EverPresent Exclusive for Garde Robe Members

We know our members understand the importance of wardrobe preservation, so we found it fitting to introduce you to EverPresent, the leader in family legacy preservation. EverPresent offers best in class digitizing services to clients near and far, ensuring that their priceless family memories in photo albums, slides, and home movies are made digital, safe, and shareable for generations to come.

EverPresent also provides professional organizing services for digital photos and videos on all devices, and can even help you with photo books and other gifts for the family.  Every aspect of their service is at the white glove, concierge level, which is unique in their industry. EverPresent essentially acts as your estate attorney, insurance agent, personal assistant and interior designer for all things family memories.   To that end, we are excited to have found EverPresent, and pleased to extend an exclusive offer just for Garde Robe members.

So how does this actually work?  EverPresent’s professional consultants will come to your home and sort, inventory, organize and package materials.  They will then work with you or your staff to customize a preservation plan for a personalized family archive, including USB, DVD and private family sharing websites.  Lastly, they have a talented team of designers and organizers who can bring old memories back to life in creative ways, turning them into incredible custom family keepsakes like family history books and mini-documentaries – or giving you the ability to essentially “Google” your own memories and do the fun projects yourself.  Your dedicated consultant will personally transport everything to EverPresent’s state-of-the-art lab where they have over 60 professionals dedicated to their craft.  Nothing leaves their site.  Nothing hits the postal service.  Everything is done by hand just outside of Boston.

Just like Garde Robe, EverPresent is accustomed to working with celebrity and VIP clientele so privacy and discretion are of the utmost importance and there are protections and policies in place to support what is needed to accommodate client expectations.  In addition to benefiting from all of EverPresent’s standard privacy safeguards, Garde Robe clients would exclusively work with EverPresent’s most experienced, trusted professionals.  

EverPresent would be honored to help Garde Robe members preserve their photos and videos.

Every Garde Robe client will receive a complimentary gift to go along with any preservation project – five hours custom services from their choice of a digital photo organizer, a photo book designer or a video editor.  For more information, please click here. 

Photo provided by EverPresent