Simply sign the new member forms and spend a few minutes selecting the articles of clothing you wish to keep in Garde Robe by UOVO’s care. Garde Robe by UOVO will bring supplies to carefully pack your wardrobe and provide a complimentary in-home consultation, if needed. We can carefully pack and be in and out your home quickly if the items are already set aside. If you request a consultation, our representative will help you select items for safekeeping with Garde Robe by UOVO.

Absolutely. Additionally, Garde Robe by UOVO can also create a “read-only” login for your staff so they can submit delivery requests or add data to the closet.

In certain instances Garde Robe by UOVO will waive the 50-item minimum. Please inquire for details.

12-month minimum. In certain instances Garde Robe by UOVO will allow members to terminate their membership early. A $25 per item processing fee will apply.


One delivery per month is included in most cases. Garde Robe by UOVO reserves the right to charge for subsequent deliveries. There is no charge for pick ups in our local delivery areas.

If you would like to schedule a pick up, please email [email protected]. Please remember to CC your personal wardrobe manager.

Garde Robe by UOVO offers same- or next-day delivery of up to 10 garments in most areas. Garde Robe by UOVO strives to accommodate your schedule for all deliveries and pick ups. If you require a rush or after-hours delivery, surcharges will apply. After-hours and weekend deliveries must be scheduled in advance. Garde Robe by UOVO is closed and cannot guarantee deliveries on major public holidays. There are no fees for pick-ups or deliveries in most cases.

Garde Robe by UOVO works with fashion devotees and has affiliates worldwide. No matter where you live, Garde Robe by UOVO is the ideal way to keep your precious wardrobe looking its best year-round. To get started, Garde Robe by UOVO will coordinate a pick up or shipment from your home. If you are traveling to or near one of our locations, you have the option of bringing the wardrobe with you and leaving it with Garde Robe by UOVO upon departure.


Yes, as it’s deemed necessary. Garde Robe by UOVO is not a dry cleaner. In order to preserve the condition of your precious wardrobe and ensure ready-to-wear delivery, Garde Robe by UOVO will arrange for professional garment care services, if needed, before garments are stored for an extended period of time. Garde Robe by UOVO is affiliated with the nation’s most reputable garment care providers.

Yes. Garde Robe by UOVO partners with the most reputable furriers and utilizes their cold storage vaults. Cold storage fees apply.

In most cases, Garde Robe by UOVO will collect the wardrobe and bring it back to our facility for cataloging, professional photography and a detailed inspection. On-site photography can be arranged; additional fees will apply.

Textiles of any kind including clothing, footwear, accessories and furs, travel/sports accessories and personal effects, and luggage. Garde Robe by UOVO cannot store perishables of any kind, furniture, art or jewelry.


There is no limit. You may store up to 50 garments per “rack.” As a bonus, each rack includes 10 shoe boxes as well as one box for accessories including handbags, shawls, wraps, belts, etc. Preferential pricing will be extended for members with voluminous wardrobes.

Gowns longer than 60” on hangers are billed as two items. Boxed/wedding gowns requiring their own archival box are $40 per month.

Boots are billed as two footwear items, so you are entitled to five pairs per “rack” at no charge. We can fit up to 10 accessories, space permitting.