Fashion Stylists & Personal Shoppers Vol. 1

Everybody thinks they are a fashion stylist these days, but many stylists and personal shoppers lack the relevant experience and knowledge required to guide savvy fashion devotees and couture collectors. If you are a stylist working with clients that fit the Garde Robe profile – impeccable couture wardrobe, multiple homes, inadequate closet space – Garde Robe may be the perfect resource if your client wants:

:: A digital lookbook with professional photography so you can style them remotely
:: Assistance with off-season wardrobe storage and seasonal maintenance
:: To preserve their infrequently worn couture, vintage and evening wear
:: To access their wardrobe from various locations or residences
:: Wardrobe planning for trips, events or vacations
:: To free up much-needed closet space for new purchases
:: An inventory of their wardrobe for styling, organization or insurance purpose

Many Garde Robe members work with talented fashion stylists, image consultants and/or personal shoppers and, over the years, we have had an opportunity to work with and get to know the very best in the field. Garde Robe works in conjunction with fashion stylists who utilize the Cyber Closet application and facilitate our services on behalf of clients. Here are a few of our favorites (in no particular order):

Fashion Stylists and Personal Shoppers

Lauren Solomon
Laura Solin-Valdina
Hillary Harper-Neal
Kimberly Garrett Rosen
Allison Berlin
David Calle
Jessie Freschl
Jose Ramon Reyes
Rebecca Klein & Martina Gordon
Lisa Von Weise
Elena Sanchi-Ormrod
Gail Larkin
Allie Brandwein
Audrey Beaulac
Susanna Cohen
Tarra Kalian & Jennifer Gonzalez

Celebrity Stylists

Some stylists have become boldface names in their own right. These stylists appear on TV and are known for dressing entertainers for the red carpet, but they can certainly help dress you for a gala or special event as well. We’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Elizabeth Saltzman, Tara Swennen, Micaela Erlanger, Jill Lincoln & Jordan Johnson, and Erin Walsh. All of them are represented by The Wall Group.