Garde Robe and Clos-ette, a successful partnership

We are delighted to announce our partnership with Clos-ette! Melanie Charlton and her team have designed many fabulous and functional closets for Garde Robe members over the years. Impeccable wardrobes deserve an opulent and well-organized dressing room and closet!

Take advantage of 20% off on design services with Clos-ette by filling out a client request on their website and mentioning the Garde Robe design discount in the notes section here, and 40% off all Clos-ette Too products with the code GR40.

Clos-ette is a functional design studio specializing in custom closets, dressing rooms, collection rooms and kitchens. They are the premiere sub-consultant for storage and Holistic Organizational Design and market primarily to the trade to help facilitate highly organized, detailed and inventory heavy spaces. Clos-ette Too is a line of closet accessories. Their clothing hangers, jewelry travel cases, shelf dividers and more offer the high style and high function their couture clients adore. Clos-ette can help make any big idea into a functional space!