In 2001, Garde Robe made its groundbreaking debut as the world’s first luxury wardrobe storage and valet service. Conceived to break through the confines of well-heeled New Yorker’s diminutive closets and into a world of endless space, Garde Robe was the first storage company of any kind to provide online access to stored items, via the signature Cyber Closet.  Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, Garde Robe has set the industry standard for garment care, melding form and function to cultivate bespoke closet experiences.
Renowned for its holistic approach to garment storage, Garde Robe is hailed as an innovator with a knack for proactively identifying its customers’ unique requirements.  Offering a climate-controlled storage environment designed exclusively for clothing, footwear and accessories, Garde Robe and its team of highly trained archivists combine museum quality storage with the ultimate convenience of same-day access.  The Cyber Closet, a private, customizable digital lookbook, allows members to view, manage and access their precious collections on-demand throughout the world, without limitation. Garde Robe complements its core service by providing access to best in class tailors, stylists, personal shoppers, luggage packing and so much more. With a proven ability to meet the needs of discerning fashion insiders, renowned couture houses, globetrotters, and designers alike, Garde Robe’s reputation is unparalleled.
Garde Robe has been capturing the attention of national and international publications since its inception. Read on to learn what they’re saying.


As seen in Jumeirah Magazine 2008

A bespoke company in New York offers the perfect clothing solutions for when space becomes the final frontier in your wardrobe. Jumeirah learns a better way to pack its bags.

 When you’re a billionaire global nomad zipping between New York, London and Dubai often spending weeks in each, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your couture is going to get crumpled or your Savile Row ripped.

Fret not dear fashionistas. Thanks to US company Garde Robe Online you could basically duplicate the Western European wardrobe you keep in London (and Dubai for that matter) and let this innovative firm do the rest. Alternatively, buy a completely new wardrobe designed just for New York.

The way the concept works is simplicity itself. Rather than letting your clothes clutter your wardrobes at home or you panic over designer-wear crumple zones in arrival luggages, let Garde Robe empty your apartment/mansion/villa of all those limited edition dresses and bespoke shoes, photograph them for their digital database and catalogue each item.

The company then whisks them away to be carefully stored in ‘cotton garment bags,’ ‘acid-free tissue’ or ‘breathable archive boxes’ in a very fashionable New York loft space that is completely climate controlled, extensively insured and packed to the rafters with high-tech security.

Then, before you arrive in New York, you search across your newly formed online database of clothes, shoes and accessories, ask for them to be delivered to your hotel at a certain time and voila! When you arrive in your Essex House suite overlooking Central Park, your clothes are waiting for you in all their freshly pressed glory.

Adam Gilvar, president of the company, says that many of his clients store their off-season wardrobes with Garde Robe because space is at such a premium in New York. He knows what he’s talking about. It was a similar domestic storage dilemma that prompted him to set up his business. “I used to store my off-season clothes at the dry cleaners, but I often lost track of what was stored and what was in the closet at home,” says Gilvar. “I also wasn’t comfortable with my wife’s delicate outfits and expensive evening wear being stored in less than desirable conditions in a warehouse somewhere. Garde Robe was born out of sheer necessity.”

Of course, the service is not simply limited to jet-setting fashionistas and the Hollywood A-list. Harassed trans-Atlantic executives who don’t need the hassle of airports, lost luggage and extra baggage to handle are also heavy users of the Garde Robe service.

The company has also naturally diversified into cleaning and repair, as well as professional ‘customised’ advice on wardrobe organisation and efficiency, in addition to luggage-packing services. In both cases professional clothes experts will visit your home and show you how to get the most out of your wardrobe/travel truck. And, should you need them, there are herds of professional Garde Robe image consultants, personal shoppers and stylists constantly on hand who can’t wait to get their finely manicured fingers on your new look should you ever arrive in town in a dishevelled hurry.

Prices for Garde Robe services start at $350 a month which feature one ‘rack’ of 50 garments, a large ‘canvas breathable box’ for accessories and 10 shoe boxes. That’s your clothes entry point, there is actually no limit to the amount of clothes, bags and shoes you can store with the company. “Garde Robe is much more than simply a storage facility,” says Gilvar. “Essentially, it is similar to having a personal wardrobe valet, only more affordable and technologically advanced. Image travelling without packing or unpacking, lugging heavy suitcases or waiting in over-crowded baggage areas.” Yes imagine! Now with Garde Robe aiming to set up another base in Tokyo, as well as potentially other cities around the world, you may never have to use a storage room service laundry again. What a relief.