How Can You Live Your Best Life As An A-Lister

As seen in Metrosource -October 2018

“Garde Robe bills itself as “luxury wardrobe management”, and offers services that include archival couture preservation for your one-of-a kind de la Renta, seasonal wardrobe storage and luggage packing and worldwide delivery of your precious cargo to any destination (your second home in the Tuscan Hills perhaps?). They also offer a Cyber Closet-a digital look-book of your collections-which can be accessed on a secure website from anywhere in the world because, with a shoe collection that large, how can you be expected to remember whether you have last season’s Jimmy Choos in turquoise or gold?  In addition to maintaining and delivering your wardrobe and preserving your pretties, Garde Robe membership also includes help with consignment advice, personal shopping, in-home tailoring and seamstress services and closet organizing.  Individual services are approximately $350 per month, clients can add services as needed”. Read the full story here.