How to avoid ruining your couture with dye transferring

Storing your wardrobe in a proper manner ensures it’s longevity. Dye transfer is a problem which often cannot be remedied and there are a few ways to avoid doing this;

  1. Avoid dye transfer by washing like colors together.  A gentle cycle (or shorter cycle) with cold/cool water will also help prevent this.
  2. Before wearing your new denim, be sure to give it a wash to rid them of any excess dye and don’t store them next to leathers/suedes or pastels, whites etc.  Your white shirt/blouse will thank you for it!
  3. Use acid-free tissue between layers of folded items for further dye transfer protection
  4. Don’t store your patent leather handbag in contact with other items Stuff the bags with acid-free tissue to maintain the shape and avoid creases. Finally, find a dark, dry, cool area with good air circulation for storing your nice handbags, and generally avoid attics and basements.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Poor quality dye
  • Wear and tear (fabric breakage)
  • Incorrect dye for fabric being used
  • Dye item may require a ‘fixer’ to bind dye

Content provided by Hallak: The Couture Cleaner

Photo provided by Pexels