How to Properly Care for Your Handbags

We know how much time, energy and money you invested to acquire that perfect handbag. Now it is vital to protect it against improper storage for years or harmful conditions. Check out our guide to learn how to properly care for your handbags. If you would like expert care with your fashionable investments, you can trust in Garde Robe!
:: Unlike garments, most handbags don’t come with care labels, so always work with an experienced leather cleaning expert.
:: New bags should be “treated” inside and out with leather/suede protector free of silicone or wax (N/A patent leather).
:: Don’t apply hairspray or perfume while holding your handbag.
:: If your bag gets wet, empty the contents and allow to air dry at room temperature outside of the closet.
:: Never place handbags on the floor or seat next to you – use a purse hook.
:: Use breathable fabric bags to protect from dust and moisture.
:: Don’t keep leather/suede items in a closet near a bathroom with shower.

:: Keep leather and suede items away from heaters and skylights/windows.

:: Avoid contact with other items in the closet, especially denim.

:: Stuff bags with acid-free tissue to maintain shape and avoid creasing.