Making The Switch From Summer to Fall Wardrobes- Part One

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall…

With just a few “official” last days of summer, it’s time to free up space in your closets and transition your wardrobe from summer to fall/winter.  Proper handling and maintenance of your off-season garments is critical as it can help extend the life of certain pieces by several years.

Here are three tips to help preserve your off-season wardrobe;

Store Only Clean Garments. Make sure all food and beverage stains are thoroughly removed before storing them for an extended period of time.  Even if you only wore something once, we highly recommend that you clean it before storing it as it may have bacteria, perspiration, perfume, hair spray and or body oils that will damage the fabric if left untreated. Garde Robe works directly with expert dry cleaners. Please do not hesitate to reach out if we can facilitate any introductions. Effective cleaning discourages insect infestation and dry cleaning effectively kills all stages of cloths moths on fabric.  If you have a major clothes moth infestation, we recommend that you dry clean all susceptible garments, woolen rugs and tapestries, at the same time as you have your dwelling professionally treated.  We also recommend investing in a hand steamer, which will sterilize garments and kill bacteria because of the heat as well as reduce wrinkles.  But be cautious as some fabrics, such as silk, should not be steamed.

Remove Your Dry Cleaner’s Clear Plastic Bags. Dry cleaning bags should be removed immediately and are merely used to protect your clothing during transportation. These bags trap gasses that can cause discoloration and don’t allow the garment to breathe properly.

Ensure Proper Storage Conditions And Ventilation Garments should not be subjected to dust, sunlight, humidity or drastic changes in temperature, so basements and attics are not recommended in most cases. Proper spacing between garments must also be taken into account – never crowd garments into a small area in the back of the closet because the fabrics need to breathe. Be extra cautious when storing leather and suede as these fabrics can dye transfer into one another – use acid-free tissue to separate these garments.

Looking for off-site storage solutions for your wardrobe management and care?  Please reach out to our Garde Robe team to discuss.