Preparing For The Seasonal Wardrobe Switch-Tips From The Pros

As we plan for the colder months ahead, there is no better time to hit refresh and get organized.  Garde Robe members often inquire about talented professional closet organizers and stylists. Working with either complements Garde Robe’s services beautifully, especially if you allow them to coordinate your seasonal wardrobe switch and/or facilitate Garde Robe on your behalf.

Whether you are looking for expert storage solutions for home or in Garde Robe’s care, we hope these tips from our partners are helpful when it comes to preparing for the seasonal switch.

The Neat Method

When weather cools down, take the time to rearrange any seasonal bins. Swimwear and sandals can go out of reach on higher shelves, while scarves and sweaters should be placed within reach. This is the perfect time to do a quick edit of any pieces that you no longer wear before bringing in Garde Robe.”

Laura Kinsella- Urban Organyze

Launder first, store second.  Our wardrobe will last several seasons if we properly care for it, so take note what needs to be washed or taken to the dry cleaner before storing it away.  Once cleaned, choose storage containers that won’t snag your clothing (think smooth fabrics or acrylic containers) and that will also keep dust and critters at bay.

Laura Cattano

Unless you travel monthly between seasons, doing a biannual closet switch is a no-brainer for several reasons:

  1. when pulling the off-season pieces to put away, you can see anything that needs to be repaired, cleaned, edited out, or archived.
  2. gives you an opportunity to physically clean the closet; floor, rug, baseboards, insides of drawers, shelves, etc which helps keep unwanted pests away.
  3. gives you more space to see what you have in the current season. who doesn’t need a bit more breathing room in their closet?
  4. you’re not distracted when getting dressed by off-season clothing you cannot wear at the moment.
  5. reacquaints you with what you have so you can identify any holes in your wardrobe. for instance, you see you have plenty of dresses but are lacking in knitwear. 
  6. put away the obvious spring /summer items like linen pieces, espadrilles, rattan bags, etc, while keeping a few transitional pieces for especially warm autumn evenings”. 

Andrea Krohn- LA Move Consultants

” The changing season is always an exciting time.  In the fall, kids are back to school and it’s time to break out the sweaters and boots, and put away the beach totes and bikinis.  When my clients need to make this switch, I ask them to consider these 3 things as well as many others before deciding what will go into storage and what will come back into the house.  1. How many seasons have you had this item for? 2. Do you still like it/how is the fit? And 3. Has your lifestyle changed (do you think you will wear it again?) There is so much more to having the perfect closet and what’s perfect for you, might not be perfect for somebody else. ”

Photo Credit: Martin Vecchio