Proper Footwear Storage & Preservation


After painstakingly searching for the perfect pair of wedding day shoes, the bride-to-be can complete her look, but how will she preserve that memory? Yesterday’s event Wedding Soles at Vanessa Noel was an opportunity for Garde Robe to bring to light the issue of archiving these treasured pieces after the big day.

Here are some helpful tips for preserving your own wedding soles in honor of BridalWeek:

* Wedding shoes are only worn once. Because of that, there isn’t a high probability that there will be harmful bacteria that causes mold after only one wear

* Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the inside of the shoes

* NEVER use harsh anti-bacterial if the shoes have been dyed; it will ruin them

* To disinfect the outside for true archiving, you must engage a garment care company that has hydroxyl or ozone treatments; these treatments blow air that kills bacteria without being too harsh on the shoes

* Never put the shoes in the archival box with the dress; use a separate “little treasures” breathable archival box

* Shoe/boot trees can be used to maintain shape, but they are not made with archival materials, so it would not be recommended for true archiving; use acid-free tissue (Shoe trees are good at absorbing moisture and they should be used after every wear)

* Use undyed cotton or nitrile gloves while handling the shoes to avoid oil/lotion transfer

* Store the shoes (and dress) in a location that is cool, dry, and dark with the day-t0-day temperature regulated if possible.