Seasonal Storage-Caring for Your Winter Wardrobe

“Garde Robe offers climate-controlled storage for out-of season clothes, along with access to a virtual closet and delivery of pieces on demand”. The New York Times

As we welcome Spring and the warmer weather returns, its time to think about those winter coats, sweaters and accessories and provide them with the care they need for the following season.

Its a time to thoroughly inspect each piece and make the effort to wash, dry clean or make any necessary repairs as perfume, perspiration and body oils can attract insects and stains can darken over time.

Freeing up closet space and storing your off-season wardrobe elsewhere allows you to see the pieces you have and know that your previous wardrobe is receiving the utmost care.

Garde Robe’s seasonal wardrobe service allows members to transition their closet from Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. At the start of each season or upon request, Garde Robe members are entitled to a “seasonal wardrobe switch” at no additional cost.  Garde Robe will deliver desired garments in ready-to-wear condition and pick up off-season items.

For more information regarding our Seasonal Wardrobe Storage please email us or call us at 212-255-3163.