Fashion Designer Archiving

Endorsed by world-renowned fashion designers and institutions, Garde Robe is the fashion industry’s first and only museum-quality archive management and preservation service. In addition to garment, footwear and accessory storage and preservation services, Garde Robe provides professional photography and inventory of past collections, signature Cyber Closet “look book” technology ideally suited for managing design house collections, complimentary same-day delivery and pick up service, and expert garment care.

Garde Robe’s textile preservation experts inspect each and every item carefully and prepare each garment for archival storage accordingly to ensure every piece remains in pristine condition. Upon request, Garde Robe delivers individual pieces or an entire line to your atelier, a museum curator, a photo shoot, a buyer, stylist or member of the media. Entrusted with priceless collections from iconic fashion brands such as Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Zac Posen, and Michael Bastian, Garde Robe is a cost-effective way to keep your company’s irreplaceable collections safe and sound as well as free up much-needed space and manpower at your offices.

A designer’s archive has significant worth and increases in value if properly preserved, but many designers unknowingly put these assets in peril and end up with irreparable fabric damage caused by insects, the sun and/or climate in their office, home or storage unit. Savvy designers entrust their most precious creations and inspirational collections to Garde Robe. Protect your archive; it is your legacy.

Garde Robe members are more than welcome to utilize more than one service offering. Please don’t feel limited. Garde Robe customizes its services to suit your particular needs.