Wardrobe Inventory & Photography

Get organized with Garde Robe by UOVO’s wardrobe inventory app. The MyCloset app, an intuitive and easy-to-use tool for cataloging and managing your wardrobe, footwear and accessories, is exclusively available to members. The app allows for easy viewing of items in Garde Robe’s care, and provides a seamless option for setting up delivery of one or more of your pieces to your home or other location. Plus, the MyCloset app also displays wardrobe pictures of any garments and accessories that are not kept in Garde Robe’s care. 

Members (and aspiring luxury closet organizers!) use the app for a variety of convenient and practical functions that make their lives easier. From reviewing  their home closets (or second home closets) they know exactly what they have, showing their stylist or personal shopper the clothes they own. Additionally, the clothing inventory app serves as a helpful tool for keeping track of inventory and determining the values of different pieces for insurance purposes. It’s also handy for your personal team  to keep your clothing and  accessories organized and well-managed. Best of all, with just a few taps, users can effortlessly create outfits and put together outfits and looks in record time. 

Whether you’re seeking out storage and preservation for your most beloved items of clothing, accessories and footwear, or in need of a wardrobe inventory app , Garde Robe offers a full suite of wardrobe collection services customized to your particular needs.