Wardrobe Inventory & Photography

Garde Robe’s Cyber Closet application is a dynamic tool for organizing and managing one’s clothing, footwear and accessory collections. Garde Robe pioneered the concept of a Cyber Closet so members could easily view items in Garde Robe’s care and arrange delivery of items as needed. However, the Cyber Closet also displays garments and accessories that are not kept in Garde Robe’s care. Here are a few ways Garde Robe members utilize their Cyber Closet:

• To view the contents of their home closets or second home closets
• To show their stylist or personal shopper the clothes they have in their closet
• Display inventory and item values for insurance purposes
• An organizational tool for your housekeeper/butler
• Create outfits/looks in seconds

Garde Robe members are more than welcome to utilize more than one service offering. Please don’t feel limited. Garde Robe customizes its services to suit your particular needs.