Storing 3 Kinds of Sentimental Garments

It’s the beginning of the new year and perhaps time to finally tackle that closet clutter! For some it may have been a new resolution, but whatever your reason, we get it and Garde Robe is here to help.

Since launch, Garde Robe has been partnering with organizers who can turn a disheveled home into a haven and who utilize our the Garde Robe Cyber Closet app and museum-quality storage space to make life easy and de-cluttered for clients.

Closets, and clothing in particular, tend to be huge problem areas when it comes to material overload. Often times, we have an emotional attachment to garments that belonged to family members or a special time in our lives, and they can be difficult to part with. Unfortunately, this can add a lot of unusable space and unwanted bulk to already overflowing closets. In this case, organizers and clients alike utilize Garde Robe as an extension of existing closets to archive those special pieces that won’t necessarily be worn again, but are dear to our hearts. These are the three types of sentimental garments we see most often that are stored in our climate controlled facility to free-up much needed space at home:

  1. Wedding Gowns – You love the way you felt on that day, but is it something you’d wear again? This is a garment that is difficult to part with because it holds such emotional value. The problem, however, is that these gowns are typically so large and bulky that they can take up the space of 6 or more garments that would be frequently worn in your closet. You may want to read our article on preserving your gown before sending to Garde Robe for archival storage.
  2. Family Heirlooms – Whether it’s those adorable miniature dresses and booties that you can’t bear to let go of from your children or your grandmother’s mink fur coat, Garde Robe is the ideal place to store items that hold memories but likely won’t be worn again until a generation later, or are meant to be appreciated by later generations. You may may also want to check out this article we posted on storing vintage items.
  3. Special Occasion Gowns – bold, colorful, and often very long or bulky, you may love wearing this unique piece but only need it a few times a year. Our facility is the perfect place for keeping these formal pieces in waiting for when the time is right, and out of your closet in the meantime. Garde Robe’s valet pick up and delivery will take care of the logistics when Gala season comes around.

There’s no reason to part with special pieces that can make up feel loved or bring up happy memories, but there is good reason to store them safely out of the home. When space is at a premium, Garde Robe can solve the problem of preserving sentimental clothing items without sacrificing room for your everyday wear. We hope for anyone tackling ever present issue of clutter, you’ll think of Garde Robe as the perfect closet solution!

Illustration provided by MelEesa Lorett 

Dress: Moschino by Jeremy Scott