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Garde Robe provides a host of elegant and convenient “wardrobe butler” services for fashion devotees with extensive and beautiful wardrobes, city residents with inadequate closet space, business travelers and globetrotters, multiple home owners, and fashion designers. Garde Robe members enjoy 24/7 visual access to items in our care and can request garment delivery via Garde Robe’s signature Cyber Closets.

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"Garde Robe caters to those with extensive seasonal wardrobes by photographing and cataloging clothing onto its web site - lest you forget where those springtime open-toed Jimmy Choos went."
"Garde Robe offers climate-controlled storage for out-of-season clothes, along with access to a virtual closet and delivery of pieces on demand."
"If she’s drowning in her Jimmy Choo collection, call Garde Robe."

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