Margarets- The Couture Cleaner

Couture and high-end fashion needs and deserves the same level of care with which it was created. Proper garment care requires craftsmanship, artistry, and most importantly passion, because every stitch, button and crease, must be tended to with genuine expertise, by artisans with a trained eye and experienced hands. Enter Margaret’s-The Couture Cleaner serving San Diego County, Orange County, Beverly Hills and Las Vegas. With their patented technology, proprietary processes, blend of art and science under one roof, coupled with their expert staff with decades of experience servicing the likes of Hermes and Louis Vuitton, customers can rest assured that their precious belongings are meticulously cared for.

We recently connected with the owner of Margarets, Chuck Horst regarding how to best care for your handbags.

Is there anything I should do to a suede purse before I use it? 

The best thing you can do to a new suede handbag is to have a professional application of a stain and water repellant applied to it…the interior lining as well as the interior. 

What are the hardest stains to remove?

Ink, oil and makeup are some of the worst.  Crocking (dye transfer) on leathers is generally very removable… this is not true for PVC and patent leather handbags. 

Can you treat my bag so it won’t get stained again?

Depending on the purse, if a protective finish can be applied, we may be able to make it much easier to clean next time it get stained. Keep in mind that there are some materials that cannot be treated with a stain protector- eg.: patent leather, and many of the imitation leathers that are any type of plastic, vinyl or polyurethane. This treatment must be done professionally or the color of the bag may darken. 

Do you clean the inside lining or do other repairs? 

Yes, cleaning the lining is included in our general cleaning services.  Some types of stains( (ink is one) may not come out entirely, however, most clients are very impressed with how much the lining can be cleaned up.  We are also able to repair or replace zippers and other hardware such as worn rivets and metal strips. 

Are all purses water resistant? 

Water resistance is not naturally built into a purse unless the manufacturer specifically performs the process on their bags.  The only way to be sure is to have it done yourself.  Many materials are prone to water spots and discoloring if not treated.  A good water and stain repellant will help the bag last longer too.  Again however, not all types of materials found in handbags can be treated with water repellant.  Also, if not applied by a professional, a water repellant may change the color of the bag. 

Can you restore my handbag?

Depending on the materials, age and general condition of the bag, sometimes much can be done to restore a distressed handbag.  We’d have to be able to evaluate the possibilities and give you an estimate for the restoration.


Margarets provides a complimentary virtual consultation.  Please reach out directly for additional information.