Top Five Tips for Sweater Care and Storage

As seen in Curateur


Spring is quickly approaching which means our wardrobes are about to experience some changes. As we transition from layers for warmth to the ‘less is more’ attire mentality, we’re devising a foolproof plan for storing precious cargo—our knit sweaters. With help from luxury wardrobe storage experts at Garde Robe, we’ve identified how to care for our favorite house brand sweaters from ParrishLA, and pack them away safely for an extended lifespan.

Ahead, we chat with Garde Robe founder, Doug Greenberg, about his top five tips for sweater care and storage.

1. As a general best practice, be careful when applying your hairspray and perfume while wearing your sweater. I suggest doing so before putting on your ParrishLA knits to avoid “invisible stains.” They tend to appear after being exposed to heat in the drying cycle.

2. Also, be mindful of snagging from jewelry and handbag clasps. If you get a snag, do not cut it. Bring it to a professional for proper repair.

3. Like all natural fibers, knits are hygroscopic meaning they retain moisture. Be sure your ParrishLA knits are completely dry before putting away. Moisture can lead to mildew and/or mold. If you’re in a pinch or hurry, don’t use a hairdryer. You should allow the garment to dry naturally.

4. Always clean your ParrishLA knits before storing them for an extended period of time. Stains that are left untreated are much harder to remove which damages the fabric. Plus, clothes moths love protein-stained wool.

5. Instead of hanging on hangers, fold your ParrishLA knits before storing them to avoid stretching and distortion. Use only breathable canvas boxes or PPNW sweater bags with snap closure. And do not ever use the plastic dry cleaner bags for storage.

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