Vintage Clothing Care Tips

We had a great time browsing the various vendors at the Manhattan Vintage clothing show last Friday. This called to mind for us the trickier task of caring for older garments. For those who love incorporating vintage pieces in to your wardrobes:
* use padded hangers if hanging your pieces to store them
* some garments, like beaded chiffon dresses from the 1920s, should be stored flat if possible; the heavy beading will pull at the unsupported strap seams
* avoid cleaning as much as possible
* if garments have a smell when purchased, use a solution of 1 part vodka 1 part purified water in a spray bottle to lightly mist on clothing
* do not store items in plastic bags; store your pieces in undyed muslin covers or leave uncovered in your closet
* furs items should be sent to cold storage
 Photo credit: Manhattan Vintage Show