Winter Wardrobe Storage Tips-Caring For Your Knits

As we begin the transition from winter to spring wardrobes, proper handling and maintenance of your off-season garments is imperative in order to extend the life of your cherished garments.

Caring For Your Knits

The experts at Garde Robe recommend folding all knits regardless of weight. Ideally, whether a light weight knit or a thicker cable knit sweater, we recommend using acid-free tissue to support and separate folded items. They should then be placed in a breathable box placing the heaviest items on the bottom.  

Material damaging insects such as moths will be attracted to cashmere and other natural fibers, especially if proteins or food stains are present.  Placing  cedar balls or lavender sachets in the boxes works as a deterrent but the best defense is clean clothes and a clean environment.  Sachets often contain oils so be cautious to avoid direct contact between the sachets and garments.  

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