Winter Wardrobe Storage Tips From the Experts at Garde Robe

Spring is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about properly storing your off-season wardrobe, which can significantly extend the “life” of certain garments. Please follow these simple steps to ensure your wardrobe remains in pristine condition.

  • Always bring your garments to your preferred dry cleaner for cleaning prior to storing them for an extended period of time.  Even if the garment looks clean, if it has been worn it may have bacteria, perspiration or perfume/hair spray that will damage the fabric if left untreated for several months.  You should always remove the clear plastic bags; they are not intended for long-term storage.
  • To prevent mold, don’t store clothing in damp basements/attics.  To prevent material-damaging insects, don’t store delicate textiles in infrequently visited second homes or unattended storage units where your “neighbor” may have infested textiles. Level temperature and humidity are critical.
  • Never store knits or stretchable fabrics on hangers.  Purchase acid-free tissue and use it to fold pieces and place them in breathable boxes.
  • Be careful not to store heavily embellished garments on hangers as they will stretch over time due to gravity. Store them “flat.”
  • Be careful not to keep suede/leather items next to one another or denim as that could lead to dye-transfer damage.

Garde Robe is ideal for Tri-State area residents with extensive couture/bespoke wardrobes and/or inadequate closet space.  Garde Robe provides climate-controlled luxury storage for off-season or infrequently worn clothing, shoes and accessories; signature Cyber Closets to request stored items for on-demand delivery; complimentary same-day pick up and delivery; plus luggage-packing and worldwide shipping services.

For more information please contact us at [email protected] or at 212-255-3047.