Winter Wardrobe Storage Tips From The Experts at Garde Robe

Spring is finally here. It’s time to switch your closets from winter to spring wardrobes. Proper handling and maintenance of your off-season garments is critical as it can extend the life of certain pieces by several years. Therefore, the wardrobe storage experts at Garde Robe created this introductory summary to help you.

  • Always make sure garments are clean prior to storing them for an extended period of time. Even if the garment looks clean, if it has been worn it may have bacteria and or body oils that will damage the fabric if left untreated for several months. You should always remove your dry cleaner’s clear plastic bags immediately as these bags trap gasses that can cause discoloration and don’t allow the garment to breathe properly.
  • Purchase and use the proper storage supplies. Acid-free tissue, breathable garment bags and canvas boxes are inexpensive and vital to maintaining a garment’s pristine condition. Boot trees and toe shapers for footwear and appropriate hangers are also highly recommended.
  • Proper storage conditions and ventilation is essential. Garments should not be subjected to dust, sunlight, humidity or drastic changes in temperature, so basements and attics are not recommended in most cases. Proper spacing between garments must also be taken into account – never crowd garments into a small area in the back of the closet because they need to breathe. Be extra cautious when storing leather and suede as these fabrics can bleed into one another – use acid-free tissue to separate these garments. Never store furs at home as they must be stored in special cold storage units. Always use a reputable furrier and have the fur revitalized as needed.
  • Fold all knits with acid-free tissue to avoid creasing the individual fibers and place them in a breathable box with the heaviest ones on the bottom. Material damaging insects such as moths will be attracted to cashmere and other natural fibers, especially if bacteria are present. Placing cedar and lavender sachets in the boxes works as a deterrent and is far more pleasant than moth balls. However, the sachets often contain oils so be cautious to avoid direct contact between the sachets and garments. Heavily beaded and bias-cut garments should also be folded with tissue and not hung in most cases.
  • Hanging garments require proper hangers and breathable garment bags. Hanger selection should take into account the type of garment and its weight. Heavy garments such as winter coats should be stored on strong, padded hangers. In most cases, pants and slacks should be hung from the hem or cuffs to avoid creasing. Take advantage of a garment’s support straps or loops to avoid stretching.

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