As seen in The Intelligent Collector For years, textiles were overlooked by the art and auction worlds, except for certain types of pieces or those with historical significance. “It used to be that auctioneers would go through a house, and they’d look for the jewelry, they’d look for the silver, they’d look at the paintings. … Continued

Luxury home organizers  NEAT Method asked the clothing storage experts at Garde Robe to answer some frequently asked questions on how to keep your clothing in pristine condition. ****** Garde Robe is the nation’s only service providing museum-quality storage and preservation for couture wardrobes with complimentary on-demand delivery and a Cyber Closet inventory management system designed for organizing extensive wardrobes. Some Garde … Continued

Garde Robe recently partnered with EstateSpace-the world’s only mobile asset management solution providing a single point of record for a family’s physical assets.  As part of the service, Garde Robe is thrilled to provide wardrobe management for their clients. Thanks to EstateSpace for recently featuring Garde Robe on their blog. *** In a previous post … Continued

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