5 Proper Handbag Storage Preparation Techniques: The Basics-Guest Post

CLEAN – Making sure your handbag is clean prior to storage is an important step that should not be overlooked. If your handbag isn’t properly cleaned prior to being stored for an extended period of time, not only will it come out of storage the same way, but it could have unexpected consequences such as odor or staining that gets worse if left untreated. Seek out a professional cleaner that specializes in the type of material, so it is cleaned and dried properly.

STUFF – The next steps are dependent on the shape and material of your bag. You must stuff your bag so that its structure is supported. If understuffed, you risk your bag creasing permanently or becoming misshapen. However, if you overstuff a bag, the permanent result will be stretching and bulging of the material.

TUCK – If your bag has a long chain, it’s important that you do not store it with the chain laying on the bag’s exterior if possible. Over time, your bag will have contact with the chain’s weight and will cause indentations that cannot be removed. If the interior of your bag is fabric, it’s safe to tuck the chain inside the bag. If the interior is leather, Rebag recommends the same, but first gathering the chain in a pouch and placing it in the interior of the bag; this is doable with either an attached or unattached chain.

WRAP – The handles of your bag, if present, should be poised in an upright position. If handles are stored resting against the body of the bag, there is a high risk for indentation, discoloration, and even damage if the storage environment’s temperature is too high. Many bag handles have wax edges, which can stick to and ruin the body material. If your bag has two handles, wrapping both handles together with a piece of ribbon or gauze to tie them up together will suffice; do not use colored materials as they may stain the handles.

COVER – Rebag highly recommends that handbags are stored in a dust bag. Bags have a tendency to discolor over time, especially when exposed to prolonged artificial or natural light. Leather oxidizes naturally, but when properly stored, oxidation can be prevented.

If you obsess over handbags as we do, then you know that caring for them is not something that should be taken lightly. For all the wear we put our bags through, it is important we show them some love. Bags are resilient and can withstand ordinary wear and storage, but by understanding your options in optimizing your storage capabilities and care techniques, you will do more than maintain the condition of your handbag collection – you’ll also significantly lengthen its lifespan. At Garde Robe, all of the necessary steps are completely taken care of by archiving experts so these expensive and irreplaceable handbags are handled in the best care and environment possible.

Rebag is an entirely new resale experience that rivals that of luxury boutiques. We make sure that not only is our process simple and transparent, but our prices are competitive for both seller and buyer. As the handbag authority, we take extensive measures to ensure that our products are authentic and follow strict condition standards during our vetting process. Proper care and storage are two of the most important aspects of handbag ownership and not something Rebag takes lightly. If you’re willing to put in a little extra time and effort, your handbag will age well and look better in the long run.

By Koyaana R. for Rebag, the handbag authority

Photos provided by Rebag