Tips for Keeping a Pristine Closet-Guest Post

Caring and storing your clothes is the purpose of a well-organized closet. Many people find themselves overwhelmed with a closet filled to the rim with items. If you walk into your closet and have too much clothing, or you can’t see your clothes because they are too packed, you have an overfilled closet.  As a professional organizer for over a decade, I know firsthand that an overfilled closet is one of the biggest stresses for most people. I often utilize these five simple questions with clients and see the immediate results they produce. Follow these and you will get insight and clarity to decide what items you should have accessible and which ones should be stored away properly, keeping your closet organized with space that allows you to easily find what you need at a moment’s notice.

  1. Realistically what are you wearing right now? Keeping in mind the weather (if its seasonal) and frequency of use. This question will reveal what should be accessible in the closet for your day to day wear. Seasonal items can be stored away for later use. 
  2. Is the item something that you wear on very special occasions, i.e. an evening or Gala gown, a costume or special party attire? If so, it’s best to store it elsewhere, where it can be properly cared for and easily accessible. These commonly take up valuable space from your closet or storage only to end up damaged.
  3. Does the item hold a sentimental value? Items like vintage pieces or designer clothes should be stored with care and ease of access, away from the everyday wear. They don’t need to be cluttering up your closet. 
  4. Is it something you no longer wear, whether it’s out of style, or simply does not call to you anymore but you may want to save it to pass it down to your kids or family at a later point? Then by all means put it away in storage. If it’s valuable or delicate, have it stored professionally offsite. Clearing space is essential in maintaining an organized closet.
  5. Is the item valuable? Perhaps you want to keep it for a collection or estate and, most importantly, you don’t want to risk damage occurring to them, such as bugs or mishandling that can diminish their costs. A professional garment storage service is your best option, especially since you will have a virtual catalog of your item and can have it hand delivered when and where you need it. 

For valuable, vintage, designer, seasonal and occasionally used items, I highly recommend clients consider storing their beloved items with Garde Robe’s specialized service. All these types of items are better stored with care remotely, freeing up valuable closet space.  

By Pamela Morrone. CEO Creating Clarity