4 Steps to a Streamlined Closet | Professional Organizer Guest Post


This is your opportunity to start fresh. Consider working with a professional organizer who can help you create a totally clean slate by removing everything from your closet in preparation for editing and sorting. Since you’ll want to reserve your primary closet exclusively for clothing, shoes, and accessories, a home organizing professional can help relocate any items that were accidentally left in your closet or could live elsewhere. This is also an ideal time to select and pack up any items that should be relocated to a vacation home or alternate property.


Do not underestimate the power of a good editing session. Too much clutter is the enemy of a well-organized space. At Shira Gill Home we guide our clients through a thoughtful editing process, and we encourage clients to keep only what they actually use, need, and love. It’s important to think through what’s required for your typical week as well as what you need for fitness, hobbies, travel, and upcoming social events and galas. Since the contents of your closet will ultimately determine your style, this is also a good opportunity to become more intentional about how you present yourself each day. Think of your closet as a well-curated boutique and only fill it with items that you truly love, and that reflect your authentic style.


In deciding how to set up and store your wardrobe, consider how frequently you use each item. Couture gowns and vintage collections shouldn’t take up prime real estate in your primary closet. Instead, protect your most precious (but infrequently worn) garments and collectibles with an off-site wardrobe preservation service such as Garde Robe. You should also take care to use the proper hangers based on each type of garment. Padded hangers ensure that garments hold their shape, while velvet streamlined hangers prevent delicate items and silk blouses from slipping off. You can create a streamlined look by using uniform hangers and having a professional organizer or stylist arrange hanging items by both type, style, and color.

Accessory Storage: Shoes + Jewelry + Handbags

  • Small Accessories: Pretty open bins or baskets can be used to contain gloves, scarves and smaller accessories. Pick one style and color of bin to for a clean aesthetic.
  • Shoe Storage: Display shoes on open shelving, shoe racks, or cubbies so you can see your collection. Formal or infrequently worn shoes should be stored and stacked in clear shoeboxes to protect them.
  • Handbags: Handbags can be hung on sturdy handbag hooks and small evening bags and clutches can be stored inside labeled bins or baskets. Take care of your most precious handbags – purse pillows will help them retain their shape and shelf dividers will ensure they stay upright.
  • Jewelry: Most closet systems have the option of purchasing a jewelry drawer organizer insert which protects and organizes your jewelry at the same time.


Create a clutter-free, curated closet by storing off-season, formal and couture garments off site. Garde Robe provides services to ensure all of your items are preserved with care and also offer the option of a virtual look book so you can browse through your collection from anywhere in the world.


Shira is the founder of Shira Gill Home a boutique lifestyle brand with a “less is more” philosophy that offers on-site, full service organization and styling as well as online resources and inspiration to help you design a clutter-free life. Her work has been featured in Who What Wear, C Magazine, Sunset Magazine and My Domaine.

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