Guest Post: Stepping Up Your Organizing Game

Guest Post: Annie Draddy and Michelle Manske, Co-founders of Henry & Higby

As professional organizers at Henry & Higby, most of our job involves long days sorting and decluttering homes and setting up systems to help them maintain a more organized space. We don’t often get the chance to revel in the glory of a beautifully organized space for too long nor do we always get a chance to use all of the beautiful and, let’s face it, luxury organizing products out there.

However, for once we are going to indulge ourselves by seeking out some of our favorites from projects long gone by. Our thought is — organizing is work so why not make it a little more fun with beautiful things? Here are some of our favorite product picks for creating and maintaining a luxurious closet space.

Happy organizing!

Basic & Superior Acrylic Hangers (The Container Store)

There is almost nothing more glamourous than an acrylic hanger and these are one of our favorites. They are not only sturdy and functional but they look fabulous!

Purse Pillow Inserts (

Maintain the shape of your bag with this silky purse pillow insert so it doesn’t sit on the shelf droopy, shapeless and creased and for a little extra you can monogram it.

Boot Stuffers – Shapers (

Forget the typical plastic boot stuffers with a silky stuffer that will prevent unnecessary creasing that comes from improper storage. And, if you are feeling extra, you can even have the stuffer monogrammed.

Natural Cotton/PEVA Sweater & Garment Bags (The Container Store| The Container Store)

It’s important to let your clothing and fabrics breath while they are in storage so we love these natural cotton/PEVE sweater and garment bags. They keep clothes safe, the fabric aerated and the little bit of plastic ensures that you can see the contents.

Under Bed Storage Bag (The Laundress)

Keep your off-season clothing pristine with these canvas, under-the-bed storage bags that are designed to prevent yellowing over time and to keep moths away.

Acrylic Tray Inserts (LA Closet Design)

Live the custom dream with custom fitted acrylic inserts for your drawers to keep your essentials neat and tidy. And, the insert comes with a interior suede insert so your items are padded and protected.

Garde Robe

Of course, the ultimate luxury is having Garde Robe take care of it all for you — whether using their online tool for organizing and managing your wardrobe or their exclusive white-glove service for your seasonal wardrobe swaps where items are handled with the care they deserve. Treat yourself!