It’s Time to Treat Your Favorite Bespoke Suit and Couture Jacket Like the Investment Pieces They Are

“Chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve put countless hours—and, let’s face it, dollars—into building a wardrobe of perfectly tailored suits, sumptuous cashmere and vicuña pieces, buttery leather jackets,and bespoke shoes. And whether you are an avid vintage collector or just appreciate having a closet full of finely crafted clothing, having the option to protect the pieces that have come to define your personal style (like you would a piece of art or prized classic car) can provide invaluable piece of mind.

This is where Garde Robe—a museum-quality wardrobe-storage and preservation service—and AIG’s Private Client Group step in. Together, the two companies can insure, archive, store, and restore your treasured stash of designer clothing, accessories, and couture pieces.” Read the full story here.